Michal Lech - cello player from Poland. Got master degree on Academy of Music in Katowice. Michal was a first cellist in several chamber, symphonic and oper orchestras.
In 1998 founded Altra Volta string quartet which succesfuly concerting around the world. Michal performed in such countries as: Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Lithuania, Bialorus, Sri Lanka, India, Czech Republic, Thailand, Egypt, Brasil, USA, Canada, China.
Mike was recording for Polish Radio, TV Mezzo, Polish TV, Vatican Radio, Daniel Hertz (Mark Levinson's company www.danielhertz.com.
Michal Lech cooperate with Mark Levinson, Lorelei and Durga Mc Broom, Stanisław Soyka.